In addition to writing for the stage, Nina writes for the page. Her stories and articles have been published in numerous anthologies and journals and her book, "A Big New Free Happy Unusual Life: Self Expression and Spiritual Practice fro Those Who Have Time for Neither," has been enjoyed by readers worldwide.   


A selection of Nina's writings for your enjoyment

Luck Disguised as Ordinary Life
Stories the Body Tells
Fresh Fruit
The Freedom to Fall Apart

A Partial List of Nina's Published Work

The Freedom to Fall Apart, (article)
Inquiring Mind,  Fall 2006

A Big New Free Happy Unusual Life: 
Self-Expression and Spiritual Practice for Those Who Have Time for Neither
Broadway Books, New York, Spring, 2002. Reprinted Spring 2019.

Stories the Body Tells, (article)
Yoga Journal, February-March, 1999, Berkeley

Luck Disguised as Ordinary Life, (story) 
Cadeuceus, May, 1996, London


The Swim Song
Music and lyrics by Nina Wise
Arranged by Sheilah Glover
Vocals by Nina Wise and Sheilah Glover