“Her classes were a revelation to me. Her techniques were appropriate not only for people interested in performance but also for writers and others who are interested in enlarging their capacity for creativity. The exercises she has crafted over many years are playful and imaginative but they are also explorations of perception, philosophy and meaning. Nina is a brilliant teacher.”
— Sydney Carson, Professor Humanities and Science, Writing and Literature California College of the Arts

“I’ve relished seeing Nina Wise perform—always fresh and delightful; at once light and profound. So I signed up for a workshop. Who cared if I didn’t “do” improv; I knew I would learn about living in the present. I was not disappointed. With Nina’s deft observations, kind sense of humor, and encouragement to trust whatever comes up, we saw our habits, our predictable selves, turn into creative surprising moments. Would I sign up for another workshop? In a minute?”
— Mary Owens, psychotherapist

“The spiritual approach you take to your teaching made days beautiful … you said 'it is a time to let the subconscious have its way with you', and indeed it did … Revelations and breakthroughs from all.”
— Barbara Hicks

“I am struck by the authenticity of Nina Wise's work as reflected by her refined improvisational skills. Improvisation, as conveyed in her classes and in her performances, has been an important vehicle in my own spiritual and professional development. Her dedication to being absolutely authentic — and to encouraging this commitment in each of us — is inspiring. She is, without doubt, a masterful teacher.”
— Michael, Professor of Law, Nova University, Fort Lauderdale

A workshop with Nina Wise changes your life in all the right ways — towards creativity, connection, and the wisdom of the universe. But the main reason I recommend it is because what she does is also So Much Fun. I laughed and cried and laughed some more. A truly life-enriching experience. I've come back for a second workshop, and a third, and hope to do many more.”
— Pam, Web Site Designer and Marketing Consultant, Berkeley

“Nina's teaching is like a symphony or an intricate dance. It is layered and all the parts work together to guide the student into her own creative expression. I have taken many writing workshops, and I teach writing, but Nina taught me how to go further in and express the truth in a deeply real and interesting way.”
— Suzanne, Writer, Berkeley

“Nina Wise takes the student through a progression of exercises that build skill and confidence in using body, voice and language. The experience of presence that underlies performance, and creative activity in any field, cannot be taught — or described — directly. But by both her words and the exercises, Nina leads students to that experience for themselves. She is a gifted teacher.”
— Nancy, Professor of Business Administration, Berkeley

“Nina is a treasure. Apart from her many talents and her original and unflagging humor, she makes sure she knows something about the needs of each workshop member. She manages to extract from members talent they didn’t suspect they possessed. She encourages them to perform and shine. I left her workshop feeling proud and accomplished. I can’t wait for more.”
— Jocelyn, Therapist, Cambria

“I wanted to make sure Nina Wise got applauded for her life changing workshop. Her masterful way with her craft and with each of us brought us together on a very deep level of community. I have never laughed so deeply and been stretched out beyond my edges with such encouragement and careful guidance. It was truly a remarkable experience, and has changed the course of my life.”
— Vicki Shafer, visual artist and teacher

“Nina created an atmosphere of trust, authenticity, connection, and warmth which enabled each of us to become more aware of our bodies, our truth, to be brave and confront an audience and overcome shame and shyness.”
— Emilie Zauberman, Paris

“Delightfully demanding! I enjoyed all the ingredients, dancing, stretching, meditating, storytelling, performing. Nina’s style of teaching is authentic, compassionate and artful. I will take a new set of tools with me.”
— Suzanne, Hawaii

“Fabulous! One of the most transformative experiences of my life. Nina is terrific — the way she did the work, one experience building on the next. I can't come up with enough superlatives.”
— Nancy, Attorney, New York

“It was absolutely the BEST workshop of my entire life (and I'm old!!). Nina is a master teacher and model of the art she lives. I felt inspired to stretch myself, give myself to the process, and LIVE! Four stars.”
— Judy, Psychotherapist, Portola Valley

“An experience I'll treasure forever. Nina's teaching reaches far beyond the course description — as well as fulfilling what it promises. I will definitely look for further workshops with her.”
— Ilene, Sweden

“Deep, playful, transforming, challenging. A journey from adulthood to childhood and back. Breaking through old habits and conditioning. Finding expression and freshness in the moment. Connecting mind and body. Fabulous!”
— Jeanette, Model, Berlin

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