“What a pleasure to get to work with Nina! Nina dug in with me, grounded me, reminded me why I do the work I do, and reignited the good intentions and high hopes on behalf of which I work. And she wrapped all of this in a warm blanket of fun and ease. Nina kept kindly pointing me back to my inner voice — to my bones — versus setting me on a course to memorize some new skill. This of course brought me to a new relationship with my self and any audience. Her process is not easy, but simple, profound and durable. And knowing she so clearly practices what she teaches makes it all the more wonderful to work with her. What a gem she is.”
— BJ Miller, ED of Zen Hospice

“Nina is an empowering, joyful and celebratory guide to a fuller life.”
— Isabel Allende

“Some years ago, without any prior stage experience, I dared myself to create a solo show called Strange Travel Suggestions. Nina met with me several times before the show opened. The insights she shared were profound, and Nina's clear, specific guidance remains the most valuable asset in my tool kit. Her instruction proved so valuable, in fact, that I printed out "Nina's Rules" (with some tweaks of my own) and have read them before every one of the hundreds of performances I've given since 2003. Her coaching gifts were the bedrock of my stage work — and they still inspire and center me as I step into the lights.”
— Jeff Greenwald, author & performance artist

"Nina is a terrific teacher, encouraging, challenging. She helped me work through a lifelong problem."
— Brian, IBM, Menlo Park

How to Love Your Script
— Julie Gieseke

“There is no doubt in my mind that Nina is one of the finest teachers currently working in the areas of performance and self-expression. Not only has she developed a unique form of improvisational theater, but also she is able to teach that form to people from all backgrounds from inexperienced novice to seasoned professional. Nina adapts her teaching to fit the needs of writers, healthcare workers, visual artists and organizational leaders. I have also seen her work with highly experienced actors and bring them to a new level of confidence and ease. All this is because Nina’s teaching moves to the most basic issues that stand in the way of any student’s full realization of their creative power.”
— Corey Fisher, actor, founding member Traveling Jewish Theater

“I have worked extensively with Nina Wise before some of the most important presentations I have given. I feel confident that the successes I’ve experienced are a result of working with Nina. Nina is always able to amplify what works and, more importantly, let me know quickly and skillfully what doesn’t and help me find solutions. She is a great pleasure to work with.”
— China Galland, author, filmmaker, speaker

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