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Let Go, Start Over, Let Go: A New Year’s Meditation, Emancipation & Celebration
with Nina Wise, Wes Nisker, Jennifer Berezan (with Evelie Posch) and DJ Heartbeat

Die to the past and move on to the present. Sit in silence and replenish your deepest wisdom. Reconnect with the great mystery. Set intentions for yourself and hopes for the world in the coming year. Laugh, sing and awaken! This celebration event will feature periods of meditation practice, gentle movement, poetry, music, chanting and an end-of-the-year guided ritual and DJ dancing. Join us in community as we begin another spin on this old rock of ages. All ages are welcome. 


A longtime student of mindfulness and non-dual spiritual practices, Nina teaches meditation and offers wisdom teachings. Her guidance, rather than following any doctrine, emerges from her direct experience of insight. 

For those who have known and watched Nina over the years, we are astonished every time she presents. She is not performing; she is not rehearsed. She witnesses and mirrors the sacred, the fabulous and the humane in real time.
— Paul Hawken