Private Coaching

Nina's coaching is helpful for everyone — from therapists to teachers to couples to athletes, and it’s particularly great for creatives who are already practicing a form of self-expression. She offers one-on-one coaching and group workshops for actors, speakers, dancers and authors. Nina has even coached fine artists looking to break through a creative ceiling.

I have worked extensively with Nina Wise before some of the most important presentations I have given. I feel confident that the successes I’ve experienced are a result of working with Nina. Nina is always able to amplify what works and, more importantly, let me know quickly and skillfully what doesn’t and help me find solutions. She is a great pleasure to work with.
— China Galland, author, filmmaker, speaker


Preparing for a book tour and want to spellbind your audience? Need a creative jumpstart? Whether your write fiction or non-fiction, Nina can help you uncover a trove of narrative material, more wholly embody your characters, paint more vivid scenes and delve more deeply into the heart of your stories. You will free up the creative imagination, inspiring a flow of language unhampered by the censoring mind. Writers often refine material they generate in class into works they go on to publish.

Nina also provides essential skills in vocal warm up, relaxation, projection and articulation, making it easier for you to imbue readings with the kind of authenticity that conveys the emotions inherent in the narrative rather than any unsettled emotions you might feel while performing. 


Want to embolden your work with a vital physical presence? Want to feel at home on stage? The body of the actor expresses as much as the voice, so the ability to move with ease essential to your craft as a performer. With Nina you’ll learn to feel at ease in your body, to respond to physical impulses as they arise, and to develop a strong and relaxed physical presence on stage and off.  

You’ll also learn how to warm up your voice, integrate language with movement, and expand your vocal range of expression. Like Jim Carey and Robin Williams, you can free the voice to express in sound what language cannot reveal—and the process is truly pleasurable.


Use your voice as expressively as you use your body. Speak with clarity and authenticity. Develop narrative content that is not only interesting but also moving. Nina teaches skills essential to dancers who utilize spoken word in their performances. You’ll learn how to warm up your voice, expand your range of vocal expression, integrate movement and text, project your voice and, most important, express language in a way that feels fresh, authentic and free of artifice.

In a private session with Nina, you’ll discover new narrative material through your body and learn to craft it in a way that is simple and direct. You'll pinpoint specific challenges and receive directorial guidance in the most effective way of integrating narrative and movement.


Speak from your heart as well as your mind. Learn to relax while you’re on stage, so that your best and most authentic self can emerge. Learn to rely on what you know more than on your notes. Get help with crafting a talk that has strong beginning, middle and end and integrates stories that are moving as well as informative. Enhance your trust of spontaneity, your ability to be funny on the spot, and most important, develop a presence that will serve you from the podium to the boardroom, and just walking through life.