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From the Broadway catalog:

A funny, soulful guide for anyone seeking more pleasure, adventure, and wonder in their lives.

A captivating performer and teacher, Nina Wise has dedicated her life to tapping the wisdom that emerges from spontaneity. Helping thousands discover the healing power of spontaneous performances has put her in a class by herself. The culmination of her time-tested discoveries, A Big New Free Happy Unusual Life now offers readers an unprecedented chance to experience their worlds the Wise way.

Sharing simple ten-minute practices that can be performed anywhere, anytime, this unique guide restores the joys of creativity to a way of life that has become increasingly automated. In chapters on rediscovering the body, giving birth to imagery, falling in love with language, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, and much more, Wise uses her invigorating, accessible tone to light the way for anyone who suspects that daily life can offer a bounty of soul-nourishing pleasures. Whether you're struggling with a general sense of unfulfillment, a legacy of childhood traumas, unrelenting stress, boredom with predictable routines, a need to find the spiritual side of everyday life--or want to address a specific issue like the fear of public speaking--A Big New Free Happy Unusual Life unlocks subconscious inner sources of peace and provides guidance for revitalizing every aspect of life.

From the Back Cover:

"This book is wise, passionate and delight-full. As a teacher and performer, and now as an author, Nina Wise shows us how to bring creativity, spirituality, and joy into our day-to-day lives. I have found this book, like its author, a pleasure to know–provocative and creatively stimulating. I recommend it to anyone who wants to enliven and lighten up their lives."
— Lama Surya Das

"An empowering, joyful, and celebratory guide to a fuller life. Creativity is enhanced when we learn to play, dare to break the rules, dance, sing, laugh. Nina Wise is wise indeed! She teaches us to expand our senses and to connect body and soul while having fun. This wonderful book could change my life...."
— Isabel Allende

"Nine Wise joins great talent with spiritual understanding. No one else I know so intimately joins the sublime and the absurd, surface and depth, the high and the low. Her range is enormous."
— Natalie Goldberg, author of Writing Down the Bones

"Nina Wise invites us to join the dance of life in an artful world–to respond to all of life's offerings including the difficult ones with our birthright of creative expression. She shows us how our own capacity for expression can lift us out of our confusion, afford us greater understanding, and allow us to respond to our suffering with deeper compassion."
— Sylvia Boorstein, author of It's Easier Than You Think: The Buddhist Way to Happiness