Joyful Awakening
in prague

with Nina Wise

Thanks to various improvisation exercises you will relax, let go and discover something very subtle and incredibly raw in yourself. You will experience many surprises during this workshop. Developing compassion for yourself, exploding into joy, and having the desire to live fully again.

Workshop program includes techniques that are designed to form an integrated spiritual practice that enhances the spirit but also goes fully into the body. It will help you to be more in the present moment, to trust in yourself, and to show yourself freely among other people.

Three-Day Workshop:
Friday, June 7, 6–9pm
Saturday, June 8, 10am–6pm
Sunday, June 9, 10am–4:30pm

Maitrea | House of Personnal Development, Týnská ulička 6 | Prague

Motion Theater Workshops



with Sybil Meyer
6 Thursdays, 7:30–9:30, March 21–April 25
4th Street Yoga  |  1809 4th Street  |  Berkeley, CA

$175 (plus $8 service fee) for this 6-week series


with Nina Wise

A day to practice Motion Theater with others who are versed in the form. We will move, sing, dance, and do Motion together in solo, duet and ensemble forms. Come renew your spirit as you play with others during this day of full -out expression, connection, and storytelling.

Saturday, May 4, 10am–5pm
Wildcat Studio | 2525 8th Street | Berkeley, CA

$135–160 (plus $8 service fee) for this daylong workshop



with Nina Wise

For those with previous training in Motion Theater, this series will focus on developing your performance skills in solo, duet and ensemble forms. This series consists of only 4 sessions so we encourage you to attend the Motion Theater Summit as well.

Thursdays, May 2, 9, 26, 23, 7:30–10pm
4th Street Yoga  |  1809 4th Street  |  Berkeley, CA

$235 (plus $8 service fee) for this 4-week series