Need your team to work together with more trust and ease, so their self-censoring mechanisms fall away and their creativity thrives? Know that taking the risk to make mistakes and look foolish allows your team members to express their innermost brilliance?

Nina Wise offers team building workshops in improvisation and self-expression that guide participants to relax, engage and play. Creativity explodes. Team bonds solidify. Work becomes more fun. Workshops range from 2 hours to a multi-day series.


Want to develop presence, clarity, and the ability to tell stories that move your audience to laughter and tears as you inspire and educate? Need to reduce on-the-job stress so that you feel refreshed, renewed, rejuvenated at work? Want to develop spontaneity and access your deepest intelligence?

Coaching sessions with Nina Wise will help you relax into your natural ease. You will find that you think more clearly, have more fun, attract the trust and respect of others. As you learn to tell moving and funny stories about your own life, you will inspire others as well as teach them about the principles dearest to your heart.

The spiritual approach you take to your teaching made days beautiful ... You said, ‘it is a time to let the subconscious have its way with you,’ and indeed it did ... revelations and breakthroughs from all.
— Barbara Hicks