A selection of Nina's writings for your enjoyment.


Luck Disguised as Ordinary Life

Stories the Body Tells


Web Exclusive - Fresh Fruit

The Freedom to Fall Apart

Interview in Contact Quarterly

A Partial List of Nina Wise's Published Work

The Freedome to Fall Apart, (article)
Inquiring Mind,  Fall 2006

A Big New Free Happy Unusual Life: Self-Expression and Spiritual Practice for Those Who Have Time for Neither, Broadway Books, New York, Spring, 2002

Stories the Body Tells, (article)
Yoga Journal, February-March, 1999, Berkeley

Remembering Papaji, (article)
Yoga Journal,  March-April, 1998, Berkeley

To Papaji, (poem)
What Book!? Buddha Poems from Beat to Hiphop; anthology, edited by Gary Gach, Parallax Press, 1998, Berkeley

Does the Buddha Have Breasts? (article)
Inquiring Mind, Spring, 1998, Oakland

The Psychedelic Journey to the Zafu, (article)
Tricycle, September, 1996; New York

The Cantor's Birthday, (story)
The Sun,  June, 1996, North Carolina

Luck Disguised as Ordinary Life, (story)
Cadeuceus, May, 1996, London

Luck Disguised as Ordinary Life, (story)
The Sun, February, 1995, North Carolina

Luck Disguised as Ordinary Life, (story)
Whole Earth Review, Fall, 1995, Sausalito

Luck Disguised as Ordinary Life, (story)
Inquiring Mind, Winter, 1994, Berkeley

Full as in Good, (story)
The Turning Wheel, 1994, Berkeley

The Equation for Love (story)
Where the Heart Is, anthology of works about home, edited

A Day with Thay at Spirit Rock, (story)
A Joyful Path, anthology edited by Arnie Kottler, Parallax Press, 1994 , Berkeley

Rock Body, (story)
Dharmagaia, anthology, edited by Allan Badiner, Parallax Press, 1992 

Lumbini, and Vulture Peak (poetry)
Inquiring Mind, 1992, Oakland

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