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with Nina Wise


The dharma is a profound source of inspiration and support for artists whatever our medium of expression. Insights gained from our meditation practice inform our art-making, and dharma teachings provide guidance as we negotiate the often challenging terrain we encounter in our careers.

The daylong includes silent meditation practice, gentle movement, and dharma teachings specifically geared to the issues faced by artists. How do we maintain equilibrium as we embrace a path that may not deliver the financial stability we crave? How do we deal with disappointment if we audition for a role and are not cast, apply for a grant that is not granted, receive a negative review from an art critic or colleague or a submitted manuscript that is rejected? How do we create a healthy relationship with our inner critic? In addition, let's discuss the ways a meditation practice enhances the quality of our work.

This is an opportunity to meet other artists who meditate and gain support, insights and connections.

Sunday October 22, 9:30–4:30
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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Motion Theater Workshop

with Nina Wise
Sunday, October 29, 10am–5pm
Afro Arts Brazil  |  The Clemente  |  107 Suffolk Street, #309  |  New York

$150 for this day-long workshop